Gioffre Borgia was born around 1482, the youngest of four illegitimate children to Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia (later Alexander VI) and Vannozza dei Cattanei. 
Gioffre had been acknowledged by Alexander VI as his son, however there is speculation as to whether Alexander truly believed this. He did not have a good relationship with Gioffre, thinking him inadequate and weak, but he could still be used in marriage to promote the Borgia cause. 
Like his siblings before him, Gioffre was married for political reasons at the age of twelve to the sixteen-year-old Sancha of Aragon, daughter of Alfonso II of Naples. 
Alfonso paid well for the legitimacy of his rule with both the Principality of Squillace and the Duchy of Alvito, however his rule did not last long. King Charles VIII of France invaded and claimed Naples for himself. 
Gioffre and Sancha were named the Prince and Princess of Squillace, however they lived in the Vatican in Rome. Sancha was not faithful to her husband, preferring the attention of older men, she was to have affairs with both of Gioffre’s brothers, Cesare and Juan. 
When alliance with Naples was no longer needed, Sancha was no longer needed and she became a political embarrassment. Following the murder of her brother Alfonso, husband of Gioffre’s sister Lucrezia, Sancha was imprisoned in Rome and not released until after the death of Alexander VI in 1503. She was never to live with Gioffre again and the marriage did not produce any children. 
Sancha died in 1506; following her death, Ferdinand II of Aragon, took ownership of the estates at Alvito, but Gioffre managed to keep Squillace for himself. 
Gioffre married a second time to Maria de Mila of Aragon. This marriage produced four children, a son Francesco Borgia de Mila, and three daughters Lucrezia, Antonia and Maria. 
On Gioffre’s death around 1517, Francesco took the lands and title of Prince of Squillace. 
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