Jewellery in Ancient Greece was mainly worn on special occasions and public appearances. Little wear was seen in daily life.  
Items consisted of earrings > pendants > pins > brooches > bracelets > armbands > rings > wreaths > hair ornaments > headdresses. 
Jewellery was made from many things, dependant on the wealth of the person. 
Poorer women used clay to make their jewellery, decorated with shells. 
Wealthier women made jewellery from bronze, gold and occasionally silver. 
The metal was twisted and swirled into many designs and armbands were often finished with the shape of a snake-head or other animal. 
Many precious stones were used in the making of jewellery and inlaid in the metal. These included semi-precious stones > emeralds > garnets > carnelians > rock crystals > agates > pearls > amethysts. 
Gifts could be given in the form of jewellery and when worn would show a person’s wealth and status. 
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