Gaius Julius Caesar born in July 100BC was to become a great Roman general and politician. 
Became head of his family in 85BC at age sixteen following the death of his father. 
Forced out of Rome by his enemies, he joined the army in 84BC. 
Returned to Rome in 78BC and worked as a lawyer. 
Kidnapped by pirates in 75BC and held for 38 days until a ransom was paid. 
Ruled Rome as a Triumvirate (three-way power share) from 60 -53BC with Pompey Magnus and Marcus Licinius Crassus. 
Named ‘Imperator’ (Great Military Leader) in 60BC 
Became consul of Rome in 59BC. 
Fought as a Roman general in the Gallic Wars from 57BC, finally conquering Gaul (modern day France) in 50BC. 
A brilliant military leader who was never defeated in a major battle. 
When crossing the Rubicon river in 49BC, Caesar stated ‘The die is cast’. This was the start of a civil war for control of the Roman republic. 
A passionate public speaker 
A historian who wrote books about his military campaigns and poetry. 
Awarded a quadruple triumph (celebration) in 46BC. 
A Roman dictator with divine honours. 
Julius Caesar initiated the Julian calendar we use today. The month of July is named after him. 
Married three times 
Cornelia Cinna Minor (Married 84BC – Died in Childbirth 69BC) 
Pompeia (Married 68BC – Divorced 63BC) 
Calpurnia Pisonis (Married 59BC – Survived Caesar) 
Julia (Born 82BC – Died 54BC) His only child in marriage 
Brutus (Born 85BC – Died 42BC) Son from affair with Servilia Caepionis 
Caesarian (Born 47BC – Death unknown) Son from affair with Cleopatra 
Adopted son and heir 
Octavian – Later to become Emperor Augustus (Born 63BC – Died 14AD) 
Died on 15 March 44BC, stabbed more than twenty times by senators while in the senate, his own son Brutus being one of those wielding a knife. 
15th March 44BC, later became known as the ‘Ides of March’. 
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