Leprechauns are mythical fairylike creatures from Irish folklore. They are little red bearded men about 2 - 3 ft tall, with a mischievous nature, known for playing tricks on people. 
We think of them today as wearing a tall emerald green hat, coat, trousers, stockings and shiny black shoes with gold buckles however this was not always the case. Much of literature through history has shown them wearing red. 
The origins of leprechauns are believed to go back to medieval times and much has been written about them over the years. They worked as cobblers (shoemakers), both making and mending shoes, however it is their playful though sometimes evil nature that has endeared them in history. 
Leprechauns live solitary lives in dark mystical forest caves in Ireland. They appear out of nowhere and disappear just as quick. They are cheeky little tricksters who like to deceive any humans that they meet. 
If a human manages to catch a leprechaun, the wicked little imp will grant the human three wishes if he releases him. 
All leprechauns keep gold. They are known to have a hidden pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 
Leprechauns are believed to bring good luck, and many people carry leprechaun lucky charms and four-leaf clover charms. 
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