In Sparta male children were raised to become Spartan warriors. 
If considered weak or feeble at birth, the child was abandoned or killed. Only babies considered strong and healthy were allowed to be raised. Even at birth, all thought was given to becoming a Spartan warrior. A man would devote his life to this end only. 
Men in Sparta lived mainly in barracks, even when married; only visiting their wives in the home at night, then returning to life in the barracks during the day. 
They spent their time training for combat or at war. All Spartan men trained to be warriors (Hoplites). 
Being a successful warrior was important to the family and the Spartan way of life. 
As the men were required to stay in the barracks, the wives were left to manage the farms and homes, holding the dominant role in daily life and being wealthy in their own right.. 
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