Horatio Nelson 1758 - 1805 was an English Vice-Admiral in the Royal Navy. 
His strategic and inspirational leadership along with his unorthodox tactics resulted in many naval victories. He died during his final victory at the Battle of Trafalgar. 
‘I have always been a quarter of an hour before my time and it has made a man of me’ 
‘When I follow my own head, I am, in general, much more correct in my judgement than following the opinion of others’ 
‘England expects that every man will do his duty’ 
‘I cannot command winds and weather’ 
‘In honour I gained them, and in honour I will die with them’ 
‘First gain the victory and then make the best use of it you can’ 
‘If a man consults whether he is to fight, when he has the power in his own hands, it is certain that his opinion is against fighting’ 
‘No captain can do very wrong if he places his ship alongside that of the enemy’ 
‘Our country will, I believe, sooner forgive an officer for attacking an enemy than for letting it alone’ 
‘I have only one eye, I have a right to be blind sometimes… I really do not see the signal!’ 
‘I could not tread these perilous paths in safety, if I did not keep a saving sense of humour’ 
‘Never break the neutrality of a port or place, but never consider as neutral any place from whence an attack is allowed to be made’ 
‘It is my turn now; and if I come back, it is yours’ 
‘I cannot, if I am in the field of glory, be kept out of sight: wherever there is anything to be done, there Providence is sure to direct my steps’ 
‘Gentlemen, when the enemy is committed to a mistake we must not interrupt him too soon’ 
‘Time is everything; five minutes make the difference between victory and defeat’ 
‘My character and good name are in my own keeping. Life with disgrace is dreadful. A glorious death is to be envied’ 
‘To do nothing was disgraceful; therefore, I made use of my understanding’ 
‘I am of the opinion that the boldest measures are the safest’ 
‘My greatest happiness is to serve my gracious King and Country and I am envious only of glory; for if it be a sin to covet glory I am the most offending soul alive’ 
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