Clothes were made out of wool for common people (plebians) in Rome, however wealthy and prominent citizens could afford more choice and made their clothes out of linen, cotton and silk. The better quality of material used, the higher status you held.  
Tunic (Tunica) – An ankle length garment, normally made of wool. This was classed as an undergarment. 
Cloak (Stola) – A long sleeved cloak, full length to the ankle, often with a flounce sewn at the bottom of it. The cloak was wrapped around the body and fastened with a clasp (Fibula) at the shoulder. 
Shawl (Palla) – A shawl for wearing outside, sometimes with a hood. 
Clothes in ancient Rome were embroidered for decoration and dyed into many colours. Some dyes were available to all while others were more expensive. Purple was the most expensive colour to dye clothes in Rome and was therefore worn by the emperor. 
Women were not restricted to certain colours and would dye the cloth in many bright colours. 
Girls usually wore the same garments as their mothers. 
Girls - An ankle length tunic, belted at the waist. Sometimes this was covered by a second ankle length tunic. 
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