There were both indoor and outdoor shoes made of leather, with the cheapest of leather used for plebian (common man) and slave shoes, although many slaves went barefoot. Wealthier Romans often used Pigskin and Sheepskin.  
The leather was naturally brown, but could be dyed to represent rank and status. 
Patrician Romans (Ruling families) often wore red shoes. 
Outdoor shoes (Calcei) - These had many leather straps that were wound close together to cover the feet and toes. They were made to ankle height, but also sometimes made to reach the calf and knees. 
Sandals (Sandalia) - These were mainly for indoor wear, had fewer leather straps and were open toed. 
Women’s shoes sometimes had cork soles to keep the feet warm. They were often coloured in green or white with ornaments attached to them. 
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