Children in Ancient Greece had many toys and the wealth of the family would depend on the toys they had. 
Knucklebones - A popular toy made from the anklebones of sheep and goats. A cheap toy available to all children. Knucklebones were thrown like dice and children carried them around in a pouch. 
Dolls - Made from many things including rags, clay, wax and terracotta. Wealthy children were given dolls made from glass and ivory. Dolls were made for both girls and boys; some even had moveable arms and legs. 
Balls - Made from rags or blown-up pig’s bladder. 
Marbles - Made from acorns, chestnuts and stones. 
Pull Toy – Made from wood or stone, often in the shape of a horse with four wheels. 
Rattles and Spinning Tops – Made mainly from wood or terracotta. 
Hoop – Made of metal including bronze, copper and iron.. 
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