All Viking men carried weapons but not all were wealthy enough to own a complete set, such as: 
Battle Axe 
Bow and Arrow 
Iron Helmet 
All Viking men had a spear and a shield as a minimum, some also carried Slingshots. 
Sword – A Vikings most prized possession passed down through the generations. The older the sword, the more valuable it became. 
The sword could be as long as 1 metre (39 inches) and the blade as wide as 4 – 7 cm (2 – 3 inches). It was double edged with both edges sharp, often highly decorated with inlays and adornments in silver, bronze and copper. The more decorative the sword, the more, wealthy the Viking. The sword was kept in a wooden scabbard covered in leather, carried over the shoulder. 
Viking’s gave their swords names such as: Nadr (Viper) and Leggbir (Leg-Biter). 
Spear - The commonest of Viking weapons, often made by local blacksmiths using cheaper quality metal. 
An Iron blade and a wooden shaft made of ash; it could be up to 2 – 3 metres (6.5 – 10 feet) in length. The spearhead was 20 – 26 cm (8 – 10 inches) long and varied in shape. Sometimes a broad leaf shape and other times a long spike, often decorated. 
The spear was used as both a throwing weapon from distance and as a thrusting weapon from close range. 
Battle Axe - A hand weapon used in open combat and thrown or swung towards opponents. 
Shield - Round and made of wood, mainly fir, alder or poplar. Generally, 80 – 90 cm (32 – 36 inches) in diameter although the size may have varied to fit the size of the Viking. 
The shield was strengthened with leather and had an Iron circle in the middle called a boss. This was for protection as it covered the area where the shield was held from behind by a leather handgrip. 
Bow and Arrow - Used both in battle and for hunting, the bow was made of yew, elm or ash and the arrowheads made of iron. 
In battle Vikings formed a line and fired arrows high into the air, these then dropped onto their opponents and maimed or killed them. 
Helmet - Made of iron or leather in a bowl shape with a nose guard to protect the face. 
Chainmail – A tunic made of thousands of iron rings linked and riveted together, worn over clothing. They were costly, so generally only worn by the wealthy. 
More common for Viking men was a type of jacket made from thick layers of leather for protection. 
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