People taken during Viking raids became slaves; often from the British Isles and Eastern Europe. Some were kept by the raiders to work on the farms, others were sold at the markets. 
Viking criminals could also become slaves, working for the people they had committed the crime against. 
Slaves were named ‘Thralls’ (A person who is in bondage or serfdom). The lowest class in the social order they provided all of the unskilled labour on the farm. Given the worse jobs by their masters they were beaten if the jobs were not completed properly. 
They could earn the respect and appreciation of their master if they were a craftsman or knew a trade. 
There were many jobs a slave would do; these included: 
Tending and Herding the Livestock 
Working in the fields 
Grinding Grain 
Preparing Food 
They would also accompany their masters on hunting and fishing trips. 
A child born to a slave man would automatically become a slave. A child born to a slave woman and Viking father would be a free person if the Viking admitted he was the father. It was possible for slaves to buy their freedom if they could raise enough money. 
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