Spartan women had much more freedom than elsewhere in Greece. They enjoyed power, status and respect.  
Spartan Warriors were often away fighting; this left the women in charge of daily life. They owned land and property in their own right, and some of the wealthiest Spartans were women. A mother to a Spartan Warrior held very high status. 
Women in Sparta lived very different lives to their Athenian counterparts, they were allowed to go where they pleased, without needing the permission of a husband or guardian. 
Spartan women were also educated which was unusual in Ancient Greece, as formal education in other parts of Greece was restricted to boys only. 
Women were allowed to participate in athletics and to mingle and converse with men. It was believed that if Spartan women were well educated and physically and mentally strong, they would bear strong and healthy children to become the next Spartan Warriors, which was very important in Spartan life. 
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