The climate in Egypt was very hot and humid, clothing needed to be lightweight to keep people cool, therefore it was made of linen.  
Wealthy Egyptians could afford expensive linen that was almost see-through, while the poor had to wear rough, coarse linen. Egyptians did occasionally dye their clothing but generally it was left in its original colour. 
Shendyt - A wrap-around skirt or loincloth tied at the waist. The length and style of this skirt would depend on the period. During the late Egyptian period it was fashionable for the skirt to be pleated or gathered at the front. 
In the later period it also became fashionable for men to wear a shirt like garment with sleeves. 
Kalasiris - A full-length straight dress with either one or two shoulder straps. It was fashionable for these to be pleated or draped. They were sometimes adorned with beads or feathers. 
Robes or shawls were also worn either draped or pleated. 
Children did not generally wear clothes until the age of six, however when the temperature dropped in the winter, they would wear a wrap or cloak. 
Egyptians spent much of their time barefoot and would only wear shoes when needed to protect the feet. The shoes of the poor were made of papyrus that was woven together and the shoes of the wealthy were made of leather. 
It was common in Ancient Egypt for people to either shave their head or have their hair cropped short, and then wear a wig. With the stifling heat in Egypt, it was uncomfortable to sleep with long hair, so having a shaved head made it more comfortable at night; they then wore a wig during the day. Egyptians were proud of their wigs and the wealthier the person, the more wigs they possessed. 
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