Tudor & Stuart 

Tudor & Stuart 

The Tudor and Stuart periods, the heroic age of adventure and exploration, of great figures, Francis Drake and Sir Walter Raleigh, and of epic events - Henry VIII and his Six Wives, Good Queen Bess and the Spanish Armada, Mary, Queen of Scots and the executioners axe. When a Monarch composed music and translated latin and a gentleman could write poetry as well as he could wield a sword or ride a horse. But mired in religious conflict and civil war all that is became all that was as a King was executed and a commonwealth established only for the people to repent and the monarchy be restored. 

 Sir Peter Paul Rubens:  The Glamourist  

My passion comes from the heavens, not from earthly musings. And so it might for few artists have been as popular or successful in their own lifetime as... 

 Gunpowder Plot:  Remember, Remember ...  

On 5 November 1605, a small group of disgruntled Catholic fanatics under the leadership of the charismatic and dashing Robert Catesby sought to... 

 Elizabeth I: An Encounter with an Aged Queen  

This is an anonymous account of a meeting with an aged Queen Elizabeth I just three years before her death: 

 Hopton and Waller:  Friends Divided  

Few struggles are as bitter as a civil war when all of a community’s collective anger, its rivalry and its envy come to the fore. It divides families, separates... 

 Brilliana Harley: A Woman of Substance  

She was named Brilliana after her place of birth in Brill near Rotterdam an English garrisoned town in the Netherlands where her father Sir Edward,,, 

 King Henry VIII:  An Account  

A description by the Venetian Ambassador of the young King Henry VIII: After dinner, we were taken to the King who embraced us, without ceremony, and... 

  A Hanging in 18th Century England  

With more than 200 criminal offences on the Statute Book that carried the death penalty and few qualms on the part of the Justices in passing such... 

 Executing Mary, Queen of Scots: An Account  

Pierre de Bourdeille, was a French aristocrat who had remained with and been a confidante of Mary, Queen of Scots, during the last few weeks of her 

 Earl of Essex:  Betrayal and Treason  

Robert Devereux was a handsome young man who knew how to please an ageing but always flirtatious Queen, and as the step-son of her former favourite... 
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