Egyptians worshipped many thousand gods and goddesses (deities), some more famous than others. Cities or areas often had their own individual gods while others were worshipped by the whole of Egypt. 
Many gods were portrayed with human bodies, but heads of animals and birds. 
Aker – God of Earth and Horizon 
Ammit – Gatekeeper and Guardian of the Underworld, Goddess who devoured condemned souls 
Amenhotep – Son of Hapu, scribe and architect; known for his wisdom 
Am-hen – Dangerous underworld God 
Amun – Creator God, Air God 
Amunet – Female counterpart of Amun, Air God 
Anat – War and Fertility Goddess 
Anhur – God of War and Hunting 
Anti – Falcon God 
Anubis – God of Embalming and Protector of the Dead 
Anuket – Goddess of Egypt’s Southern Frontier Regions 
Apedemak – Warlike Lion God 
Apep – Serpent Deity who personified Malevolent Chaos 
Apis – Live Bull worshipped as a God 
Arensnuphis – Nubian Deity 
Ash – God of the Libyan Desert 
Astante – Warrior Goddess of Sexuality 
Aten – Sun Disc Deity and Sole God 
Atum – Creator God and Solar Deity 
Baal – Sky and Storm God, God of Thunder 
Ba’alat Gebal – A Caananite Goddess 
Babi – A Baboon God for Sexuality and Aggression 
Banebdjedet – Ram God 
Ba-Pef – Underworld Deity 
Bastet – Goddess represented as a Cat or Lioness, linked with Fertility and Protection from Evil 
Bat – Cow Goddess 
Bennu – Solar and Creator Deity, depicted as a Bird 
Bes – God represented as a Dwarf, important in protecting Children and Women in Childbirth 
Buchis – Live Bull God 
Dedun – Nubian God 
Geb – Earth God 
Ha – God of the Libyan Desert 
Hapi – Nile God 
Hathor – Goddess linked to the Sun, Sexuality, Motherhood, Music, Dance and Joy 
Hatmehit – Fish Goddess 
Hedetet – Scorpion Goddess 
Hen – Frog God of Infinity 
Heket – Frog Goddess 
Heryshaf – Ram Headed God 
Hesat – Maternal Cow Goddess 
Horus – Falcon Headed God 
Iah – Moon God 
Iat – Goddess of Milk and Nursing 
Ihy – God of Music and Joy 
Imentet – Afterlife Goddess 
Imhotep – God of Medicine 
Ishtar – Goddess of War and Sexuality 
Isis – Goddess of Love 
Kek – Frog God 
Keket – Frog Goddess of Darkness 
Khepri – Solar Creator God, Scarab God 
Kherty – Netherworld God 
Khnum – Ram God 
Khonsu – Moon God 
Maahes – Lion God 
Maat – Goddess of Justice, Truth and Order 
Mafdet – Goddess to Creature Destruction and Execution 
Mandulis – Sun God 
Mehit – Lioness Goddess 
Menhit – Lioness Goddess of War 
Mehen – Serpent God 
Mehet-Weret – Cow Goddess 
Meretseger – Cobra Goddess 
Meskhenet – Goddess of Childbirth 
Min – God of Virility 
Mnevis – Bull God 
Montu – God of War and Sun 
Mut – Mother Goddess 
Nehebu-Kau – Serpent God 
Neith – Goddess of War 
Nekhbet – Vulture Goddess 
Neper – God of the Harvest 
Nephthys – Goddess of Divine Assistance 
Nu – Personification of Formless, Watery Disorder 
Nut – Goddess of the Sky 
Osiris – God of Death 
Onuris – War God 
Pakhet – Lion Goddess of War 
Ptah – Creator God of Memphis 
Qetesh – Goddess of Sexuality 
Ra – Supreme Solar God 
Raet-Tawy – Solar Goddess 
Renenutet – Cobra Goddess 
Reshep – God of War 
Sekhmet – Lioness of War 
Selket – Scorpion Goddess 
Sepa – Centipede God 
Seshat – Goddess of Writing 
Sesmu – Lion God of Execution 
Set – God of Evil 
Shai – God of Destiny 
Shed – Protector Child God 
Shu – God of the Wind 
Sokar – God of the Underworld 
Sothis – Star Goddess 
Tefnut – Goddess of Rain 
Thoth – God of Knowledge 
Wadjet – Cobra Goddess 
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