In Sparta slaves were called Helots. These slaves were from Laconia and Messenia, many were Messenians taken from the city of Helos during the Messenian Wars. They were brutally treated by their masters and would often resort to rebellion. 
As Spartan Warriors either lived in barracks or were away at war, Helots outnumbered Spartans by at least four to one; Helot rebellion became common. 
Spartan men declared war on Helots each year, even resorting to murder them. 
Even with the threat of constant rebellion, Helots were needed in Sparta. They would undertake all the daily chores including household cooking, cleaning, working in the fields and growing crops. 
Spartan women would concentrate on keeping themselves fit and healthy and raising their children to be athletic and strong. 
Helots were owned by the state however, they could still have families and live in their own houses and communities. 
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